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Our Treatments

The infertility treatments available at the centre are offered according to the case of the concerned patients. Here are the top infertility treatments, which are provided at OPAL IVF hospital in India.

IVF is one of the most in-demand infertility procedures, which has fetched excellent success rates in terms of achieving pregnancies for infertile couples. IVF specialists at our centres perform the IVF procedures.

IUI is the basic infertility treatment, which is considered when there is an initial phase of infertility faced by couples. IUI specialists practicing at the centre offer their expertise to perform IUI treatments.

Surrogacy is a third party reproductive technique, which serves patients and helps patient fulfill their family planning goals with surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy specialists at OPAL IVF centre perform surrogacy procedures.

Laparoscopy procedures are performed under the expertise of top experienced laparoscopic surgeon in cases where in-depth diagnosis needs to be performed. Both diagnosis and operational type of laparoscopy procedures are conducted at OPAL IVF centres.

Hysteroscopy procedure facilities are also available at OPAL IVF centres. Patients can receive top quality medical procedures at the current centres of OPAL IVF. This procedure significantly increases the success rates of the infertility treatments of patients.

Surrogacy is a third party reproductive technique, which serves patients and helps patient fulfill their family planning goals with surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy specialists at OPAL IVF centre perform surrogacy procedures.

Our Doctors

Dr. Kamla Singh


IVF Doctor, Panchkula

36 yrs Experience

4.9/ 5 1 vote(s)

Dr. Suman Kanwar


Gynaecologist, Bikaner

19 yrs Experience

4.5/ 5 7 vote(s)

Dr. Pushpa Tanwar


Gynaecologist, Bikaner

46 yrs Experience

4.6/ 5 7 vote(s)

Our Centres

OPAL IVF Centre - Panchkula | Ela Prime

OPAL IVF Centre - Panchkula | Ela Prime

IVF Centre

Sector 17 , Panchkula

3/ 5 1 vote(s)

Success Rates of OPAL IVF:

The success rates of OPAL IVF are competitive ones when compared to other infertility centres in India.


Depending on the attempted number of IVF cycles


Attempted up to 3 to 4 IUI cycles


Utilized with IVF procedure


Chosen as the last option for successful pregnancy


Increases the chances of a successful pregnancy

No. 1 Fertility Centre with

5 Prime Centres
2 Lakhs+ Patients
2,500+ Babies Delivered
7,784+ Appointments & Counting

Why choose OPAL IVF?

OPAL IVF must be chosen for the infertility treatments because of its unique features, which are created keeping patient's priorities in focus.

Why choose OPAL IVF?
  • Each of the patients visiting OPAL IVF centre are offered with the value of compassion right from the day of the first appointment to the completion of the chosen infertility treatment.

  • OPAL IVF centres have made sure that the cost of each of the infertility treatments is reasonable. This will help patients with a varied financial background to reap the benefits of the available facilities at the centre.

  • The infertility treatments offered at OPAL IVF Centre are created such that patients receive the best quality infertility treatments for their chosen procedures. Medical and support teams at each of the branch centres of OPAL IVF focus to provide quality infertility treatments.

  • The infertility procedures available at OPAL IVF are customized according to the diagnosis and complications associated with the same. Each of the medical steps performed in the treatments aims at achieving desired results on completion of the ongoing treatment.

  • Infertility specialists and team at OPAL IVF believe that medical equipment and technology need to be implemented in each of the performed infertility treatments for boosting the success rates of the infertility treatments.

A platform designed for your satisfaction at each and every step. We guarantee

Opal offers you Special Packages customized to your treatment needs. These packages maybe Guaranteed or may come with Money back policies built in. Please talk to your Opal Couch to know more. Moreover, we are able to further talk to your specialist to get maximum discounts on your package on case-to-case basis.

Opal accompanies you throughout your treatment till the point of baby delivery. Opal Coaches are there with you from the time the treatment begins and keeps you well informed about all important things including precautions, diet plan, safety and exercises. For all your appointments our Opal Officers are always there to help you with all your medical concerns, discounting issues and documentation.

Opal assist you to get Medical loans at interest rates of 0% to 5% - lowest in the industry. All these loans have a flexibility of tenure based on the patients. Opal also provides legal assistance through its network of lawyers and law firms for - Donor, Surrogacy, FET, ICSI or IVF.

Opal enables you to make payments from anywhere, anytime though its trusted online payment platform - Ela Pay. Moreover you get up to 3% discount on all such payments online. Opal is always there to support you at all times across 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Why choose OPAL IVF?

How does Centre work?

Each of the branches of OPAL IVF Centre works in a dedicated manner to serve patients with the required to help them achieve the desired results.

  • OPAL IVF centre has its own work system, which is created to cater to patients with value and result-oriented infertility treatments.
  • Diagnosis of the infertility issues is performed in the first consultation with infertility specialist to bring the actual state of the patient in the limelight. This helps couples understand their own case and plan accordingly.
  • The treatment commences from the next appointment of the patient. Depending on the case of the patient, the number of appointments is decided accordingly and time gap between each is decided accordingly.
  • On completion of the treatments, patients are tested for the occurrence of pregnancy.
  • In each of the steps of infertility treatments, infertility specialist and support staff at OPAL IVF stays alongside patients and keep them motivated. This helps patients have the best experience during their infertility treatment at the centre. The proper treatment protocol is followed for each of the procedures conducted at the centre.

Reviews from our Patients

Anika Sinha
Anika Sinha, Chennai

My husband and I are fortunate enough to find OPAL IVF at the most struggling times of our lives. It was a pleasure visiting the centre and opting for the IVF procedure. In fact, the cost of the IVF procedure was much more than that we accepted. Great job!

Posted on: 25th May 19 04:43PM
Sheeba Mathur
Sheeba Mathur, Mumbai

I am very impressed with the highly useful infertility workup program we received at OPAL IVF. The programs are not only useful but informative as well. We had a wonderful time at the centre as we received quality along with the desired results.

Posted on: 5th May 19 10:25PM
Arun Tripathi
Arun Tripathi, Varanasi

We were recommended to go for laparoscopy procedure before the start of the IVF procedure. I must say that the diagnosis of our case was just perfect and performed at the right point. The cherry on the cake is that the doctors understand the mental state from which the patient is passing. An excellent experience indeed!

Posted on: 7th June 19 11:38AM
Ishaan Bakshi
Ishaan Bakshi, Chandigarh

Our IVF with ICSI procedure at OPAL IVF was a decent experience. Each of the patients visiting the centre is treated with due respect. It was indeed a memorable experience for us with respect to the treatment journey at OPAL IVF. Highly recommended fertility centre in the city.

Posted on: 25th May 19 04:43PM
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